Wednesday, March 12, 2014

7 Weeks Until Exams!

Exams are really starting to creep up quickly! I've been weighed down with lots of other work too, which is why I haven't been posting recently! I have two essays due on Friday, neither of which are finished yet! I decided that, since the weather was nice, I'd wear something lovely to cheer myself up!

Aw yeah carousel print!

I've been busying around trying to get everything done, unfortunately I've been procrastinating far too much! However, I have something to look forward to after my essays are handed in. I decided to buy a ticked to Fashion Soc's chairty Fashion Show! I'm really looking forward to it!

I always feel bad missing out on their events because everyone from Fashion Soc I've ever meet seems lovely and I'm always saying I'll go to their stuff!

Oooh, in other (old) news, I got a present of a new teacup and saucer for Valentine's Day from my Boyfriend, isn't it just lovely (and isn't he sweet? *sappy*)

I'm going to try to soldier on with these essays now, here goes nothing!


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