Friday, February 7, 2014

Spoopy Bat, and The Weather is Still Awful!

Hello all! I braved the outdoors again today, and only narrowly avoided being blown away!

 Jsk & Blouse: Angelic Pretty. Jacket, Shoes, Headbow and Lillian bag charm: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

The focus of today's outfit was braving the cold and unpredictable weather! I had my Listbeth Dahl umbrella with me as well, but I'm nearly afraid to use it because the wind gets so bad. I only had one petticoat today, it just felt like a low-poof day.
I spent some time in town with my boyfriend, and he got me a little present!

I love bat motifs, so this necklace is right up my alley, thank you Paul! <3 

It's a bat, and it's sparkly, what more could I ever want?! It's also on a short chain, which means it'll go lovely with my black Baby OP, it should rest perfectly above the neckline!

My Alice Chess OP also arrived today, but I want to give it a little rinse and an iron before I put up any photos, so watch this space! For now, it's time for tea, and once again, recovering from the crazy weather!

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