Thursday, January 2, 2014

ClosetChild Order!

My ClosetChild order came in today, I was (and still am!) super excited because I nabbed dream shoes, a beautiful skirt, and an AP bangle!

The package was sent out from Japan on the 29th of December, and arrived at my door in Ireland today, 2nd of January. Talk about speedy, especially over the Christmas/New Year season!


My shoes were wrapped individually in bubblewrap and then put in their own clear plastic bag to keep them safe! CC don't fool around when it comes to packing things securely!

Here are my new Baby Heart Buckle shoes in all their glory! I still can't believe I found them, and in my size! They're in almost mint condition, and half of what they were at retail, a steal, I say!

My skirt and bangle were put together in one big bag, but the bangle was individually wrapped inside with bubblewrap.

Heeere's Mode Girl! I love grey, but I never had any in my wardrobe. Today that changes! The skirt is in perfect condition that I can see, and the detail is lovely! It's a tiny bit tight on my waist, but I'm planning to slim down a little so that shouldn't be a problem soon!

Finally, here's my Wonder Cookie bangle! This was also in almost perfect condition. I think it was listed as being 3/5, but the only damage I can find is a tiny scratch on the inside of the bangle.

And there you have it! That's my little CC order, smooth sailing and quick shipping, as usual. If you're wondering whether or not Closetchild is worth buying from, I hope this little post helps you make up your mind!

Now, I can't wait to wear all of these! 

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