Wednesday, March 12, 2014

7 Weeks Until Exams!

Exams are really starting to creep up quickly! I've been weighed down with lots of other work too, which is why I haven't been posting recently! I have two essays due on Friday, neither of which are finished yet! I decided that, since the weather was nice, I'd wear something lovely to cheer myself up!

Aw yeah carousel print!

I've been busying around trying to get everything done, unfortunately I've been procrastinating far too much! However, I have something to look forward to after my essays are handed in. I decided to buy a ticked to Fashion Soc's chairty Fashion Show! I'm really looking forward to it!

I always feel bad missing out on their events because everyone from Fashion Soc I've ever meet seems lovely and I'm always saying I'll go to their stuff!

Oooh, in other (old) news, I got a present of a new teacup and saucer for Valentine's Day from my Boyfriend, isn't it just lovely (and isn't he sweet? *sappy*)

I'm going to try to soldier on with these essays now, here goes nothing!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Spoopy Bat, and The Weather is Still Awful!

Hello all! I braved the outdoors again today, and only narrowly avoided being blown away!

 Jsk & Blouse: Angelic Pretty. Jacket, Shoes, Headbow and Lillian bag charm: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

The focus of today's outfit was braving the cold and unpredictable weather! I had my Listbeth Dahl umbrella with me as well, but I'm nearly afraid to use it because the wind gets so bad. I only had one petticoat today, it just felt like a low-poof day.
I spent some time in town with my boyfriend, and he got me a little present!

I love bat motifs, so this necklace is right up my alley, thank you Paul! <3 

It's a bat, and it's sparkly, what more could I ever want?! It's also on a short chain, which means it'll go lovely with my black Baby OP, it should rest perfectly above the neckline!

My Alice Chess OP also arrived today, but I want to give it a little rinse and an iron before I put up any photos, so watch this space! For now, it's time for tea, and once again, recovering from the crazy weather!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Crazy Weather, and Sisters United!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  I was feeling poorly yesterday and didn't get out of the house, so I wore a nice wig and my little chocomint star going out today to make myself feel better!


I was not sufficiently prepared for the insane weather we're getting at the moment! A lot of my walk home was with my umbrella down because one of the bars started to bend and I was terrified it would break!

It's not all doom and gloom though, I got to my lecture today and did good college stuff, and met up with my friend Sarah for tea and chats. 

Look who was waiting to welcome me home!

They're together at last! I already had Anna, but since Elsa is in such high demand, I had to order her from the Disney Store website. She arrived this morning, but I didn't open the package until I got home. My deepest apologies to the postman I terrified with half a face of makeup and a wigcap!

Now, it's time to settle with a nice cup of tea. I hear the weather is set to get worse, so I might have to hide indoors, or get myself a rain poncho!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

White Rabbits and Obscenely Old AP!

White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits, and a good Saturday morning to you!
I have no makeup on so my face is now tea.

A lot of people I've met don't say "white rabbits" on the first of the month, which I find strange as I've always done this! It's not a particularly Irish thing, in fact, I think it's a British tradition. Maybe that's why few people here know about it!
Saying "white rabbits" three times upon waking on the first of each month is supposed to bring good luck for the month. Whether or not that's true, I do it anyway, just out of habit!

Too many rabbits!

Anyway, on to the Obscenely Old AP!

I was browsing a second hand Lolita site this morning, when I saw this delightful, super-oldschool headdress. I guessed it was old, since it doesn't look like something AP would release nowadays, but then I saw the label!

No fancy font or crowns there! The only other time I saw an AP label like this was on an OP on Yahoo Auctions a while back which was supposedly from 2001. Now that's back in the day! I'm guessing that it  must be from around the same time, since I think they started using the crown label soon after that, correct me if I'm wrong!

In other news, I'm home for the weekend, so I'm catching up with Mum and Sally, and just taking it easy!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

ClosetChild Order!

My ClosetChild order came in today, I was (and still am!) super excited because I nabbed dream shoes, a beautiful skirt, and an AP bangle!

The package was sent out from Japan on the 29th of December, and arrived at my door in Ireland today, 2nd of January. Talk about speedy, especially over the Christmas/New Year season!


My shoes were wrapped individually in bubblewrap and then put in their own clear plastic bag to keep them safe! CC don't fool around when it comes to packing things securely!

Here are my new Baby Heart Buckle shoes in all their glory! I still can't believe I found them, and in my size! They're in almost mint condition, and half of what they were at retail, a steal, I say!

My skirt and bangle were put together in one big bag, but the bangle was individually wrapped inside with bubblewrap.

Heeere's Mode Girl! I love grey, but I never had any in my wardrobe. Today that changes! The skirt is in perfect condition that I can see, and the detail is lovely! It's a tiny bit tight on my waist, but I'm planning to slim down a little so that shouldn't be a problem soon!

Finally, here's my Wonder Cookie bangle! This was also in almost perfect condition. I think it was listed as being 3/5, but the only damage I can find is a tiny scratch on the inside of the bangle.

And there you have it! That's my little CC order, smooth sailing and quick shipping, as usual. If you're wondering whether or not Closetchild is worth buying from, I hope this little post helps you make up your mind!

Now, I can't wait to wear all of these! 

I Said This Blog Was Over. I Lied.

Hue hue hue.