Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where Is Baby's New Print?

I swear I just posted it in this post.

I mean, I can see a dress, but I can't see a print.

I can see a few pairs of eyes, and a bit of yellow but that's as far as it goes.

Goddamn I know I left the print around here somewhere.

But really Baby, I'd probably be interested in your new print if I could SEE WHAT IT IS.


  1. All I can see is 'bisguit'. Bisguit, ffs. It's written on ALL their french-café-esque accessories, and it's sort of doing my head in ;-;
    Why, Baby? Why?

    1. Oh my god I didn't even notice that! I just saw the big biscuit bag and assumed that everything else was spell-checked. Oh man, how do they let these mistakes slip by? Especially when they got it right ONCE.

    2. I can see how they're trying to do classy lettering and all, but it's just so-- wrong! And yeah, they even got it perfect on the bag! You're really trying my patience, Baby... I love the biscuit-themed accessories too, so it's heartbreaking! D: Wargh.

  2. it's a poodle print I guess, if you go to their website you can see the print in the background :)

  3. oh my D: this is terrible... Sometimes the color doesn't help~
    WHAT!? Bisguit?! LOL