Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A quick update to let you know that I'm still alive

First of all, thank you all for 10,000 pageviews! At least I know people are reading my blog, and it gives me the motivation to post more often (which I still fail to do).

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much, I've just been busy this summer, which is something that doesn't normally happen! I've been catching up on reading, watching shows and films, and writing a lot, so I guess it's not bad at all that I took a little break.

Considering that I'm getting my Leaving Cert results tomorrow, I think there's nothing wrong with a bit of a relax. If there's anyone else reading this and getting their results tomorrow, good luck! I'm probably five times are nervous as you and ten times as screwed.

I PROMISE I'll write a nice post for you all tomorrow, and I have no excuse because I have nothing to do tomorrow apart from getting my results and crying, regardless of whether I do well or not.

So until then, I'll leave you with what I've been listening to for the last half hour.

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