Sunday, July 8, 2012

Recent News, Disney Delights, Closet Cleaning, and a tractor.

So it's been a little while since I posted last, so I'm throwing all the recent fun into one huge, fun-filled post. *queue exciting theme music*.

First off, I went to a meetup last Sunday, which there are photos of on Harmony Cloud's blog!

While killing time before the meet (the bus arrived in Dublin about three hours before we were due to meet up!), I took a stroll around, and went to the Disney store! It's honestly the most amazing shop I've ever been in! All the kids were running around and I was just sort of floating around trying not to scream and dance in circles ^^'. I don't have any photos of the inside of the shop, but I do have photos of my purchases!

First, I bought this:
It's a Disney fragrance (!!!) called Wonder, it's absolutely amazing! It's technically just a 'fragrance mist', but it's my perfume now because it's such a lovely, light scent. The box says that it smells like lemon sugar, apple blossoms and marshmallow clouds, and I think that's about right! It's sweet, but not sickeningly so, it's just right. I was lucky actually, it was on sale for about €16, down from twenty something. Not too shabby!
It now has pride of place next to Madame Glamour (Lidl finest! But it's actually lovely), and l'Occitane Cherry Blossom. I also fear that I might like it a little more than Cherry Blossom, which is my current favourite, but oh well, let's just say they're equally nice :P

I also bought this little cup for my mum, but I think she's half afraid to use it in case she drops it! It's china, and I bought it so she could have a small cup for Lady Grey tea (if you've had it before, you'll know it always seems nicer from a small cup. Maybe it's just a psychological thing...).
I couldn't leave without buying a bag! It's absolutely huge! The guy serving me in the shop kept offering me smaller bags because I only had the cup and the bottle of Wonder, but I was set on buying the biggest bag! I'm glad too, it came in handy on Sunday for holding everything, and I was able to use it to pack for a trip of sorts.

In other news, I finally got rid of a load of books that had been hanging around my bookshelf (I NEVER have to look at Twilight again! *throws party*). I gave them into the second hand bookshop in town and they gave me credit towards some other books. I got the first two books in P.C. Cast's Divine series (not the best author in the world, but easy to read and fiendishly addictive), Ulysses by James Joyce (a more challenging read! I've wanted to read it for ages though), and then another day I bought The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Thinking now, as it's a one volume edition, it's probably abridged, but oh well, I'll read it regardless.

I've been looking through a load of my clothes as well lately, and decided to sell three dresses and three blouses, as I really haven't worn them enough to justify keeping them. I'm going to post them to the comm sales over on Livejournal later on if I'm not too lazy.
I have a Melty Chocolate replica, a black Bodyline OP, a blue Bodyline JSK, a white size S Anna House blouse, A white Baby blouse, and a BPN blouse to sell, so keep an eye out if you're interested!

Finally, I present to you, a tractor.

That's about the size of it, really. x


  1. That tractor must be really far away...

    And as for the "I never have to look at Twilight again" bit? I can assure you (as someone who never owned the books in the first place) that that simply is not true.
    It'll find you, and ram itself down your throat all over again as soon as the last film comes out.
    I'm sorry.

    1. No no, this one is small, but the ones out there are far awaayy.

      And I'm just trying to pretend that the don't exist D: At least my bookshelf is finally Meyer-free, feels good. :P