Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Btssb Summer 2012 Lucky Packs!

I'm surprised nobody's noticed yet, but Baby have announced the 2012 Summer Lucky Packs! I think they're calling them 'Happy Sets' this year. There will be three sets available, all containing a dress of skirt of the same print.

First up, the Dreamy Pony Ribbon Ribbon Set:

Second, Dreamy Pony Sweet Skirt Set: 

Finally,Dreamy Pony Honey Baby doll set (seriously Baby where do you get these names from??):

Each set will cost 17,640 yen. You can find the reserve page for each set by clicking the picture. I know I saw on the site that they'll be released on the 22nd, but then on each individual reserve page I think it says something about the exact date not being announced yet? Maybe I'm misreading it...

Anyway, who's getting one? I had planned to get a lucky pack this year, but I'm broke so it isn't happening. However, I don't think I'm too bothered, at least not about these ones, as I don't like them as much as the plain ones they do...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Goodbye until the 21st!

The Leaving Cert is starting on Wednesday, so today's my last day on the internet before then! I'll have ten exams in total (2 English, 2 Irish, 2 Maths, 1 Home Ec, 1 Biology, 1 French, 1 Music), so it'll be tough going! I'll have a break of a week before my last exam, so I might post during that week, but then again, I might manage to get my head stuck in the books for that exam!

I'll resume the Lolita Challenge when I get back, and other posting, so stick around!

Also, I may or may not be kinda freaking out over the exams.

See you soon!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Goodbye Chapman's, Menary's, and who next? - Is Clonmel Doomed to Become a Ghost Town?

So I don't normally post this kind of stuff on my blog, I don't even care. Chapman's was my favourite café, no offense, O' Tuamas, but it really was. It was a real shock this morning when I heard that it had closed down, I was only in there on Wednesday! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 10 – What’s in your bag?

Funny story... nothing! I normally empty my handbag when I get home because I change handbags often, and don't like having to search through all my bags for things! I will, however, show you what would normally be in my bag...

Featuring my Baby heart bag, because I use it more than my other bags and it's amazing. <3

1. Purse. I mean, where wouldja be going without a few sheckles in your bag? This is the only purse I ever use, and I've had it for YEARS. I got it from my cousin as a present way back when I was about ten or eleven.

2. Rosy Vaseline! It's just so much cheaper and handier than lipgloss or lipstick, and it even smells nice!

3. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, because it's great and inexpensive.

4. Essence blush, because it is also great and inexpensive.

5. Rimmel Black Eyeliner Pencil. Now, let me tell you, I have had that eyeliner pencil waaay too long. Dispose after 12 months? Pff, I think I've had the thing about four years and it's still not wasted. Recession-busting makeup right there, and I never share my makeup so tis grand.

6. Well, it's my phone. It has charms. It's great. I never have credit, but I still never go anywhere without it! 


Just because it was outside my window and kept posing for the camera.