Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So I Might Buy Some Nice Things After The Leaving Cert

Everyone knows that nice things make post-exam trauma feel much better, which is why I've been browsing Bodyline during my study breaks.

I've had my eye on this particular Bodyline dress for a while:

It's just... cute. It really is. It's €31 (used to be €21, rats!), which is still reasonable. I think it'd be nice paired with a yellow cardigan because there are little flecks of yellow in the print, and my blue tea party shoes. Yeah, blouseless. WHATCHA GONNA DO? Really though, I've been eyeing this dress for over a year, and I might just get it if I have the money!

Next is this little cutie:
So it might look a bit naf, but you know why I like it? I like it because it's fun. It's fun and happy and 'I have a heart. LOOK AT MY HEART!'. It's €21, which is fairly good, and yeah, it's fun. It's just something that seems to emanate happiness and smiles. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I'd still like it if funds permit.

This bag is just adorable:

I mean, who doesn't want a pink apple for a bag? I certainly want a pink apple for a bag...
It's €10, and if the quality of the massive heart-shaped bag I got from Bodyline is anything to go by, it seems worth it! It just so happens that pink is the only colour left in stock, so I just hope it doesn't sell out!

Bodyline also have these Doc Marten-style boots:

These two colours in particular caught my eye! They're really cute, and I could see myself wearing them. A LOT. They're €31 a pair, so I'll have to pick one colour if I can afford a pair, oh decisions! The pink ones are nice, but so are the lavender, oh dear o-o'.

I actually have a few things to sell that I don't wear anymore, so I'll sell them after the Leaving, and that can go towards something from this list, depending on how much I actually manage to get rid of! It all works, that way I'm de-cluttering AND getting something nice! :3


  1. I have the first dress Its pretty nice and very light perfect for summer

  2. I actually remember when you wore it to the Tutankhamen meetup! I'd seen it before then on the website, but when I saw it in person I was like 'Well, you're a nice garment.' Reminds me, I haven't seen you since then! D': 

  3. Those lavender boots... I need them in my life now <3 

  4. They're gorgeous, aren't they? :3