Monday, May 21, 2012

"LOLITA: The Artwork" - My Favourite Pages.

I didn't hear about this book/project until very recently (within the last few hours!), but I'm really in love with it! The book is a collection of Lolita art, contributed by many artistic followers of the fashion worldwide. The book itself is split into five sections: Sweet, Gothic, Classic, Boystyle, and Other Styles.

The whole project is non-profit, and is based (I don't even know if that's the right word?) in the blog LOLITA: The Artwork
One can download the PDF of the book here.
or, if you'd prefer to have a physical copy, one can be purchased for $28.50 (about €23) here.

Anyway, on to the main event, my favourite pages! I've chosen three that really stood out for me for whatever reason.
First, this beautiful piece by Yoshi Marshmallow:
Yoshi Marshmallow's main deviantArt is here.
I just love the colours in this picture. They all blend together so perfectly, so delicately. I could look at this picture all day and still find new colours where I didn't think I'd find them. It's even more beautiful when viewed full size as part of the book, because you can see every last detail!

Second is a cute comic strip from Lucretia Hoagland of Indifferent Socks:
This is a really adorable, 16-panel comic about girl who wears her favourite dress but has a bad day until someone tells her that they like her dress. It's something short and sweet that every follower of the fashion can relate to! The strip is in the book in its entirety, so go on now, go read it!

Finally, this haunting picture by Shoujo Neko:
Shoujo Neko's deviantArt is here.
There aren't really words for how much I love this picture. I think it strikes a chord with me in some way. While I don't know what Shoujo Neko's idea behind the picture is, I take my own meaning from it. It's almost a way to say that, even though, as Lolitas, we seem to be perfect, doll-like, flawless, we are still like everyone else. We still feel things we don't want to feel, we're not too different on the inside just because we're different on the outside. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, I do that a lot!

If I haven't convinced you to download/buy LOLITA: The Artwork by now, then I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll just tell you that you'll be missing out on all the rest of the great art in this book. Well, you wouldn't want to go doing that, would you??

All pictures featured are the property of the artists and are used here only for the purpose of this review. Links are provided to the original posting of the artwork and/or to the artist.

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