Friday, May 18, 2012

Grimoire of the Moonlight Forest

Alice and the Pirates' latest print is up for reserve. It will come in four colours: Noir, Rosário, Antique, and Raphael.

And here's the second JSK type in Antique:

I personally think that Antique is the most beautiful of the colourways. Maybe I'm just being picky and fussy, but I feel that the text on the print makes it appear too busy with the other colours, and I personally feel that the delicate nature of the print is lost. That said, I do like the colours of the Raphael print, but blues and purples always get into my good books!

Reservations are starting on the 25th (next Friday!), so if you want it, get you SS's at the ready!


  1. Raphael... is a colour?! o_o Okay AaTP... lol Love the print, though! :D

  2. Yep, Raphael is red. Alice and the Pirates' designer must like the Ninja Turtles, I guess?

  3. Oh no wait, it's the blue!
    Well then I guess they still liked the Ninja Turtles, but got them mixed up. Understandable mistake.

  4. Well if it wasn't a colour already, it is now! xD

  5. What're the chances the next print will have a colour called 'Donatello'? xD