Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 7, er, 8! 10 songs that inspire you for lolita.

This is a really difficult one, because I don't really know who influences my style! o-o'
Can I skip this? No? Okaaay...
No I actually don't know, I generally just see colours and styles that look nice together and it all turns out well.
No okay I think I'll just do Day 8 instead because it looks easier.

This is going to be the weirdest mix of music ever.

1. Still Doll - Kanon Wakeshima

Before anyone asks, I have NEVER watched Vampire Knight!

2. Chocolate Disco - Perfume

I love Perfume, they're just so happy! :D

3. Storytime - Nightwish

In honesty, every single Nightwish song inspires me for everything ever. I couldn't choose a song, so I just went with the latest single (which is BLOODY AMAZING.), and the video is pretty awesome. I need to buy that album after the Leaving. Not even joking.

4. Snow White Queen - Evanescence

Once again, a band that have too many appropriate songs to post in one go. I'm still annoyed that this was never a single, the video would've been insane.

5. Cameo Lover - Kimbra

Ah, I love Kimbra. Really, I do. This is just full to the brim with happy and smiley. What more couldja want? Kimbra's absolutely adorable too. Instead of signings, she should do huggings.

6. Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine

So I wanted to post the entire Ceremonials album (if you don't have it already you're missing out), but this song is the heart of the album. It has some real get up, go, and get somewhere about it.

7. Cherry Bonbon - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Where wouldja be without a bit of Kyary? Studies show that it is virtually impossible to be unhappy while listening to her music. (Studies also show that these studies never took place, but if they did I'm sure the end result would be the same.)

8. What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

I'm not a massive One Direction fan, but this song is just so happy. And hell, feel shy about wearing Lolita in public? THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUUUTIFUUUUL.

9. Untitled - Sea Oleena

Sea Oleena's music has more of a mori feel to it, but still. It's the kind of music that makes you want to float away...

10. Gardenia - Malice Mizer

This list wouldn't be complete without some Malice Mizer. Gardenia is my favourite of their songs, and their best, in my opinion.

So that's about the size of it. It's the most eclectic group of songs ever, but sher, what harm.
(If you ever want to hear devil music, play all of these videos at the same time. I'm not even joking, it's terrifying.)


  1. Gave them all a listen, and I must say I really adore Sea Oleena! I'm ridic fussy when it comes to music too XD
    Nice going on the meme, I'm awful at not finishing stuff which is why I'm afraid to start this one! Maybe over the summer I'll give it a go though, looks like fun 8D

    1. Sea Oleena's stuff is pretty amazing alright! :P
      You should give it a go! It's quite fun! :D