Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 6 – 10 (7) things you can’t live without in lolita.

Well this is a strange auld one, but I'll try it!

1. A big huge petticoat. I know some people don't like to have full-on poof all the time, but it gets so windy here that I need serious skirt support, otherwise my skirt would just deflate like a sad soufflé :(

2. A load of different headbows/headdresses. Even before I wore Lolita, I always wore headbows, so thankfully I've built up a small collection of simple ones.

3. At least one pair of comfy shoes/boots. I have a few low heeled shoes that look really nice, but kill my feet after a while! I do, however, have a pair of cork-soled boots, and they are the most comfortable things I have ever worn on my feet!

4. This might sound weird, but a padded bra. I know loads of people can't fit into brands because of their busts (I even have one dress that's a bit tight sometimes!), but I can't fill out AP dresses! If I wear my Jewelry Jelly with a normal bra it's really loose :(

5. Clothing suited to hot weather. I can't say that we have terribly hot summers here, but there's always a few days of burning and dying heat (which is usually 23-30 celsius, I know that's probably pretty mild for some people!) so I need a light JSK or OP that I can wear with no blouse or cardigan and no legwear. Rebel rorita!!111

6. Dresses with pockets. I'm fully serious, they're the handiest things ever! I have four dresses with pockets, three AP and one Baby, and they make life so much easier (and free up space in my handbag!)

7. Tights. I'm way more likely to wear black tights than black socks (weather permitting, of course).

8. I'm running out of things that aren't obvious.

9. Now I really don't know what to type anymore. Bags! Lace! Things!

10. Okay so that was a really bad post. I'll have to make Day 7 much better to make up for this. ;-;

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