Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.

So here's 10 things from my wishlist. You should probably be warned that I'm forever changing my wishlist, and that these items aren't in order!

 1. AATP Queen's Coach OP in black.
Right, so the minute I laid eyes on this dress I was in love. Unfortunately, I laid eyes on it several weeks after it sold out, and I haven't seen it on sale since, apart from once on mbok for about €300 ;-;
2. Sugary Carnival OP in sax blue.
So it's impossible for me to not like this print. Go on, replicate it a few hundred times more until everyone in the world can have one of each colour and wear them all, I'll still have my eye on this beauty! I almost bought a replica of it, but I just couldn't... I'd rather save up and get the real thing. Dem ponies.
 3. MMM's Iron Gate in black x blue.
This is just a beautiful piece. As much as I love the newer Moitié prints, this is a classic. It's so difficult to come by though, and when it does turn up it's generally an absolute fortune! Need I mention the time with the Iron Gate and over €800 and the ha ha ha...
 4. AP's Milky Pony bag in pink x sax.
Alright, this bag is almost a guilty pleasure.

...nah, I'm not ashamed of anything I like. This bag is damn cute, and you know it! I mean, the bag can probably only fit a phone and a purse, but still, it's so adorable! Who doesn't want a pony for a bag?
 5. AP's Fantasic Dolly OP in lavender/red.
This is another one I'm tempted to get a replica of, but no! I will suffer until the funds become available, if ever. I really love Fantasic Dolly, and I think I'd prefer to have the original. I'm always undecided about whether I like the red of the lavender best, but I'm just putting the lavender here because I had the lavender stock photo on hand :P

6. AP's Chess Chocolate OP in Pink/Mint.
Once again, I'm caught between two colourways. I don't really know how pink suits me, but I do like the pink, I think it stands out nicely. I adore the Chess Chocolate series, I remember wanting it so much when it came out, but alas! Reality called with an empty money box...
 7. BTSSB's Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess.
I can never get over how stunning this dress is. I actually don't have words apart from asdfghjkl and some other things that aren't really words at all. I've never seen it for sale second hand, although it's probably been up a few times and I just missed it...
8. AP's Honey Cake OP in ivory.
It actually took me a little while to warm to this, but once I did I just fell for it <3. I mean, it has pancake mix, cherries, chocolate syrup, bear-shaped syrup and pictures of ACTUAL PANCAKES. What more do you want on a dress?
 9. BTSSB's Alice Chess in black x white.
Ah, a classic. I've always loved this dress. Maybe it's just because I like interesting combinations of black and white, but eh, whatever. It's just a gorgeous dress. Some day it will be mine...

...some day.
10. AP's Wonder Party Mini-Sleeve JSK in sax.
Honestly, all Angelic Pretty needs to do to make a print amazing is slap the word 'Wonder' in the name. Wonder Cookie, Wonder Story, and wonder party. A lot of people have been selling their Wonder Party jsk's lately, and it's driving me mad because the colour I want went for a pretty reasonable price! O eager sellers and empty pockets, how dost thou afflict me! ;-;


  1. I WANT THE ANGELIC PRETTY CHESS CHOCO OP!!!!!! I've been eying it for so long and yet I'm still saving up for it T^T

    Super great wishlist!!

    1. It's just so pretty! When it came out first I didn't even like it that much, but then I saw people wearing it and I was like 'I NEED IT!' xD