Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

(I didn't do this yesterday because I was sleep deprived and I fell asleep really early! D:)
(Also, what's this got to do with Lolita? Ah well, it's okay, I like food too! :D)

1. Pasta. I really, really love pasta.

2. Pizza. That's +2 to Italy...

3. Chicken... anything.

4. Chocolate. Chocolate everything.

5. Sushi's amazing. I've only had it a few times, but it is edible happiness.

6. Tomato soup with brown bread (ultimate comfort food)

7. Tea is now a food if it wasn't already. In terms of mass I probably consume more tea than food...

8. Plain scones with strawberry jam.

9. Can it be breakfast now? Honey loops and porridge are amazing (not together though, what's wrong with you??)

10. Biscuits of many kinds, but favourites would be kimberly, mikado (not the ones that look like pocky), fig rolls. Yeah, Jacob's make some amazing biscuits.


  1. PASTA I do love, and omg I am a PIZZA fan ^^ And sushi...I crave it so much that i got my boyfriend to buy the ingredients and rolling mat just so I can make it for lunch haha!! I'm a choco-holic ^^ Just so yummy, the thing with me is that I like plain chocolate without e.g. caramel or orange or anything...Just plain chocolate...Or choco icecream!!Funny thing with me is that I hate raw tomatoes...But I love tomato soup and brown bread ^^ Yum yum usually like it for breakfast haha!!

    The only type of tea I drink is Matcha. Which is very nice but I like it bitter so I tend to add a bit more than half a tea-spoon!! Plus it has so much health benefits too!! At one point it was new drug where I added matcha powder to my vanilla icecream, plain rice, matcha on toast...I was addicted so much ..But laid off the addiction and moderately drink 1 cup a day to flush out any bad stuff ^^

    I like biscuits!! especially choco chip cookies!!

    Great post ^^


    1. I've heard that Matcha is nice actually! I usually drink Earl Grey or Lady Grey. I love darjeeling too, I always have that when we go to a tea house at meetups! :3 x