Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

1. Unnecessary drama. It's an obvious one, but it had to be said. Whether it's online or offline, it's annoying as hell.

2. When people get hate for having tattoos or piercings. Even though I personally only have my ears pierced, it bothers me when I see people being told that their modifications "don't fit x amount of rules/keep with the aesthetic". Some people treat this as just a fashion, and that's okay and good, and there's nothing wrong with changing one's body with any kind of mods. Seriously, you wouldn't tell someone that their face looks wrong in Lolita, would you??

3. When people go against polite, constructive criticism because 'UR ALL LEETISTS I DO WAT I WANT'. Please don't do that o-o.

4. When dresses from my wishlist go on sale when I have no money. LIKE RIGHT NOW. If I see another Wonder Party jsk on sale I'm going to cry ;-;

5. Knocking things over with my skirt because of the poof. ^-^'

6. Brand prices, although I suppose I feel like I appreciate the clothes more when I have to save up for them, so it's not all bad.

7. Being terrified to eat messy food. (there was this one time with the offbrand dress and the soy sauce and the ha ha ha... D: )

8. When brands make really nice headbows, but the bow is designed to be worn on the left side (because of a design, tilted forward or whatever). I have a weird thing where if I'm wearing a side headbow, it has to be on my right side, or I feel uncomfortable.

9. Customs. Customs. CUSTOMS.

10. When people claim they're leaving lolita because there are some bitches in the community. If you're going to stop wearing a fashion because someone you don't like wears it too, you can't like it very much to begin with. If you liked chocolate, and someone you didn't like liked chocolate too, would you stop eating it? OF COURSE NOT, IT TASTES LIKE HAPPINESS. And, if you really like lolita, wearing it can feel like happiness.


  1. 2.Damn! I hate it when people do that D< I mean in some of the best Sweet style co-ords I've seen  girls had piercings/tattos and it actually ADDED to the overall outfit-making that much more adorable that some of the Clones you see all the time on D_L.
    Sometimes I wish I hadn't taken out my tongue piercing.Now I wanna put it back in and see if I can find some bars that match my outfits *u* 

    9.When did you get hit by customs ? D:

    1. I always get hit by customs unless I'm buying second hand! Every time I've ordered from Bodyline I've been hit with customs. If it's over 150 I'm usually hit with about an 80 euro charge. It's really bad, once i got an order worth 40 euro and I had to pay about 27 on it in customs, it's absolutely sickening >.<

  2. *outfit-making IT that much more adorable thaN some of the Clones you see all the time on D_L.* 8D;

  3. OMG yes I totally agree with you on the customs...When i get hit by customs I feel that my body and soul has been drained...Because I already paid for my items and shipping T^T Why do customs exist later? I get anxious when a letter from e.g. Parcel force comes through the post demand x amount of customs and duty fees!!!

    When sales kick in and I have no money...I feel like the sales hate me LOL it's literally like ''Ha-ha Emi you've been eying me for the past 2 weeks and you bought something else because I was too expensive, but HA!! I'm on sale now and you have no money to buy me hahahah!!'' T____T Oh the pain!!

    I feel you!! Eating messy food in Lolita then getting maybe your fav piece dirty is like a big heart break for me!! It literally hurts!!

    Great post...I did a 30 day Lolita thingy post on my tumblr many months ago but never got round in completing it due to assignments T^T

    1. I have a feeling that I'll be the same with these posts! I'm starting my leaving cert in a week and a half so I'll have to lay off the posts or I'll fail everythiiiing! D:

  4. "It tastes like happiness". I lolled. Thank you :)