Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 1 - 10 Things About Your Lolita Bubble

1 - My sweet colours are generally blue and lavender.

2 - I've been wearing Lolita for 2 1/2 years.

3 - When I started wearing it I really disliked Angelic Pretty! Crazy right?

4 - It's KIND OF my mum's fault I started wearing lolita. She introduced me to the film Kamikaze Girls back in 2009 and I was like 'It's a real fashion?? D:'

5 - I really, really, REALLY love tartan.

6 - Before I wore Lolita, I never wore dresses! It was a real leap from jeans and a t-shirt to full-blown lolita!

7 - I love my Lolita comm, they're awesome! :3

8 - My favourite brands are Baby The Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty, but I really hope to own a Moitié dress someday! *-*

9 - Misako Aoki is my favourite Lolita model <3

10 - I can't see myself ever NOT wearing Lolita (I'll be about 80 walking around in Victorian Maiden shaking my parasol angrily at DARN KIDS, YOUNG WHIPPERSNAPPERS.) <3

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