Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moitié - Rose Frame Coat (name?)

It's that time of year again! Brand are starting to put coats on sale and up for reserve for the winter ahead! Angelic Pretty have already started the reservations, and Moitié won't be left behind!

The following coat has just been released in two colours:

And some detail shots:
The details are lovely. I adore the print on the coat, it's obvious enough to stand out, but subtle enough not to draw too much attention from the rest of the piece.

This coat will set you back 65100 yen (€614), and my goodness I would pay every cent of it if I could. I am a sucker for Moitié, and have a list of prints and pieces I would love to own, and now I find myself adding this coat to the list!

If you're getting this, I envy you an unspeakable amount.

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