Monday, June 6, 2011

Meta's Fairy Tale Series!

Yes, I'm back! Exams are over and I've spent a few days recovering (hehe) and I'm posting again!

So here's the lowdown on Meta's latest series, simply named "Fairly Tale".


There'll be an op (23800 yen):

A lace-up JSK (22800 yen):

A button-up JSK (22800 yen):

A skirt (9800 yen) :

Socks (2200 yen):

A half bonnet (7400 yen):

Annnd, a headdress (3600 yen):

Wait for it, wait for it....

...print close-up!
*falls in a faint*
Now that I've made you more than aware of the existence of this series, I'm going to fangirl over the lavender.
Look at that! It's got butterflies and purple and a birdcage and stuff! I love those things! They're great!

*clear throat*
Now that I'm done with that, here's the info.
Meta are going to start taking reserves on the 10th of this month (this Friday!), and this time around they won't be charging until the order is completed. Pretty nifty eh?

So who's running in circles and doing backflips for this?


  1. Oh gosh!~ That's a really pretty print! I love the button up JSK! I think that one looks the most like it's from an actual fairy tale~ Like, Hansel and Gretel maybe?~ I love the lavender one too~

  2. Yeah, the print has a more whimsical feel, and I love that it isn't just about one particular tale, you could probably derive a few from it :)

    Indeed, I am very, very taken with the lavender *staaaaare* xD

  3. I got the button up jsk in black and it is amazing