Monday, May 2, 2011

Remember That Really Pretty Bodyline Print?

I'm sure everyone remembers the bag that Bodyline released a while ago with that cute sweet-classic print. If not, here's a refresher:
And some detail:
And we all said 'Bodyline has learned! Good Mr. Yan, you're doing it right! Here's a cake, now let's forget about the boobie glasses and have some tea.'
Honestly though, this is one of the prettier prints that Bodyline's produced (not counting replicas :P), and the blue is just beautiful1
So, judging from past happenings, we expected the skirt/jsk to be released soon, and we waited.
And waited.
And, what do you think pops up on the japanese site?

....*takes back cake*
I mean, fair enough, some people like it, and when it's done right it's pretty fine, but why not just make a nice, straightforward jsk? Or a skirt? Why must you make our lives difficult? It's not even a particularly wa-style print. Or if you must make wa, make jsks too?
Come on Bodyline, so close to winning, stop doing this to yourself!


  1. Oh, Mr Yan.
    Putting the "WA" in "WAT" since Day 1.
    He better get his arse in gear and release a proper NON-WEEABOO, NON-COSTUME, NON-UGLY dress in that print soon. *fingers crossed*

  2. *stares in horror*

  3. i've browsed through your blog and i envy how funny you are! i wish my sense of humor came across as well on my site :(