Thursday, May 12, 2011

Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess

On Baby's blog, yet ANOTHER new release has been announced. This will be called "Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess", and, as with most release announcements, there are no photos just yet.

Is it just me, or are Alice And The Pirates and Baby putting a LOT of items for reservation lately? Maybe too many things?

Night Fairy Fantasia has only just gone on reservation, and a new print already? AATP and Baby aren't the only ones doing this, of course, Angelic Pretty are guilty too. Honey Cake, Aqua Princess, Sheep Garden... maybe I'm just being all early morning-y, but it just seems like too much in such a short space of time.

I think brands need to hold back some releases, becase they're all running into each other, but that's just me, and my complaint probably stems from the lack of time to save up for a series before it's released, not that I manage to do that anyway.

I'll keep a sharp eye out for the first pictures of "Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess" and update about it as soon as possible!

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