Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Angelic Pretty, WHY DO YOU MOCK ME?

Hellloooooo night sky! I think this is an absolutely beautiful print. I think it's called Shooting Star... something or other... regardless, I love it.

But, there is one problem.

From what I've found, it's high-waisted only. Do you know how awkward I am in dresses with waists THAT high? Go find a penguin and cross it with a camel, that's me.
I would LOVE the dark blue and black ones in a normal waisted JSK style. I would eat trees for them. Yes, trees. Bark, leaves and all. Oh please AP, think of all the penguin camels!

EDIT: Just heard that this is unconfirmed, and was just posted on a tumblr or something. But still, it's pretty as hell. And what's this? Rumours of a Milky Planet Re-Release? EMPLOY ME! QUICK!

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