Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Clearly Thinks We're Made Of Money... And Blind.

Lies. All of it.

At the moment, Baby The Stars Shine Bright is probably my favourite brand. So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw the four new items they have for reservation.

1. "Princess Dreamy Dress"
If your first thought was also "...what?" then you're not alone! What is this, what does it do? Why does it look awkward? IS THIS WHAT THEY DOODLE ON THE COFFEE TABLE IN THE BTSSB BREAK ROOM? much does it cost?
92,400 yen.
And that's the best part of €800.

2. Arietta Princess Dress Ball
My first thought with this was "Nice concept, horribly overdone." Look at all the bows and lacey bits and... assorted bits and pieces. But in general, no Baby, bad Baby.
This piece is the same price as the first one, but wait! It has a hat, canotier, thing!

3. The Princess Ball Arietta Canotier

It's like a fancy pancake of... stuff and flowers. And how much does this cost?
21,000 yen.
That's nearly €180

So, if you want the set, you'll have to dish out almost €1000. For real.

4. Marie de Lumiere
Yes, my friends, it's a wedding dress, one mother of a lacy one, too! I'm pretty sure Meta released a wedding dress a while back, but, you know, Baby didn't have to compete, really, no one forced them, but then this appeared. Let's get married in burando, all the young kids are doing it these days....
How much does this cost?
126,000 yen. That's not a typo.
That's nearly €1100. That's not a typo either.
I'm deadly serious, and so are they.

All these items are on reserve, and being shipped out in September. Hope you're not doing backflips of impatience for these ones...

1 comment:

  1. Lol much.
    Why btssb?? WHY?

    I think these dresses could be salvaged by cutting off some of the bows and lace, and using some more expensive looking lace, less costumey.

    My fav out of this bunch would be the Arietta Princess Dress Ball. Buuut yeah... lace monster costume dress. As a personal challenge, I kinda want to redraw these to see if I can make them look less 'itai'. Hmm, that would be a fun summer challenge.

    Thanks for showing this, and not letting them get away with this.