Friday, March 18, 2011

Split Wigs & Formspringing.

First off, sorry for not posting since year dot. Life called, and it wasn't pretty.


I've been iffy about split wigs for a long time, mostly because I've only ever seen them in OTT sweet coords, something I'd never be able to pull off.
Then I found this on

...and my brain went into GJSIOGEDIGO mode. I then spotted this:

I am in so much love. If I was to buy either, I'd probably get the brown because it's a little more natural (just a little :P), and it'd be more likely to match stuff, especially since I've been falling seriously in love with brown. I need to start saving my money. For real.

That reminds me, my mint Melty Chocolate Replica is on the way. Needless to say, when I get that, there will be lots of crazy posting.

Now, here's a place of interest. I've had a formspring since the dawn of time, but I don't get any questions anymore. SO, if you have a question to ask me, or if you just want to annoy me but asking non-questions, my formspring is here:

Don't have too much fun :)

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