Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby's Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale

Not being a brand to leave a break between prints, Baby has a new series, Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale, up for reserve. (I swear, all this chocolate is going to give me some serious cavities...)
In the series, alongside the two different types of JSK, are socks, a bag, a headbow and a skirt. That's right, no OP!

Here are the two types of JSK:

Okay, let me be honest here, I am somewhat in love with this.
Though both are lovely, I prefer the second one. The first one appears to be high-waisted, and I much prefer normal-waisted dresses, but there you go, that's just me.

Now, on to the print itself. There are four colours, as follows:

It's a lovely print, there's no denying it. Who doesn't want a cute little village scene on their skirt? However, I feel as though the print is a tad out of season. To me, it looks like a winter print, what with the snow, both falling and on the ground. That said, I'd probably still get it if I could, in brown. Ahh brown, you lovely colour you.

Here's the link to the reservation page:

Is anyone getting it? If so, what colour? I'm very curious :P

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