Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vampire Requiem Re-Release... But There's A Catch...

Yes, it's hard to believe, but it's true! Alice and The Pirates are re-releasing the crazy popular Vampire Requiem! The reserve date is the 4th of February, and...
...there's a new colourway! I personally think it's gorgeous, but am still in love with the red most of all!

So, Vampire Requiem being re-released, all great and happy, and even with a new colour! What's the catch?

Well, If you're a lover of the lavender or ivory versions, you'll be disappointed (if you don't own it already, that is) because these two colours won't be a part of the release! Why? Goodness only knows, I think they're lovely, and I'm sure there would be people lining up for them. This means that only the Red x Black, Black x Black and the new Blue colours will be released. Odd, but I suppose one can't complain, this re-release wasn't something anyone saw a mile off...

Oh, and there's a second catch, which may not actually be a catch.
According to AATP's Yablog:
"You can reserve it at our Shinjuku, Harajuku, Sendai and Nagoya locations, but the reservation period is only between Feb. 4 - Feb. 6, so you have to hurry! There will be a sample picture in-store."

In store.
In. Store.
Now, I THINK that this may just be a sort of special, pre-web reservation, but one can't be sure. It would be a shame if that's not the case, as it would be a lot of trouble for people to get a shopping service arranged so soon!

I suppose one can only hope....

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