Monday, January 17, 2011

Angelic Pretty's Kanariajanpasukato

...which is probably something along the lines of Canary Jumperskirt.

Anyway, I honestly don't know how I neglected to see this dress until now, and the main point is, it's a bird-cage style JSK, and it's one of the prettiest non-print AP dresses I've ever seen. (no lie.)
I've never seen a birdcage-style piece from AP before, but that could just be from not paying attention to anything.
I am, without a doubt, in love. I've always been a sucker for birdcage skirts. The JSK is also available in black, pink, and a beautiful wine colour, but I would do some serious backflips for the white one.

This isn't available on the English site yet, as far as I can see, but if there are enough people like me around, then it won't last long once it's up! Now, to get that job...

But seriously, what do you think of it?

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