Sunday, January 9, 2011

Angelic Pretty in 2011

In recent times, Angelic Pretty have been known for super-sweet prints and pastels, and have been the fuel in the engine which keeps OTT sweet going.
So we've seen their crazy-kawaii-sweet stuff. We've seen the doll-clones. There's only so far over the top you can go before it all starts looking the exact same.
My questions is, where do they go from there?
This release, in particular, portrays the style I'd love to see Angelic Pretty come out with more often. Their ads in the latest issue of GLB would suggest that they were toning down sweet, and giving OTT a rest for a while, and perhaps going back to their roots...

...but here's the blurb from the February 2011 issue of KERA:

"Angelic Pretty
Designer: asüka

Come along with Angelic Pretty on a magical journey filled with new releases that POP brighter than ever and are sometimes even “Fantasic”* too. Never forgetting the spirit of dreaming, 2011 will again be a year filled with clothing and accessory releases designed for girls who always want to be kawaii."

-Translation by go_slow_ly on LJ

What can Asuka mean by saying that the new releases will 'Pop brighter than ever?'. Is it literal, meaning that there will be enough pastel cuteness to outshine a sweetshop? Or does the 'pop' refer to eye-catching pieces?

If French Cafe is anything to go by, then the latter could be true. Sure, it has the typical border print, but it's not as sugar-sweet as past pieces.
Admittedly, the pink colourway (as with most pink versions of pieces) is still urgently sweet, which many people like, and there's nothing wrong with that.
It's hard to describe. The piece isn't necessarily more mature, but the print itself is, I don't know, different in some way. Perhaps it's that they've, mostly, substituted x amount of confections for teacups, plates, eggcups and cutlery. It's odd, but in my eyes, it works. It still delivers all the cuteness you'd expect from Angelic Pretty, but it doesn't scream "I AM SHOWERED WITH CUPCAKES :D"
(not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Judging from this piece, it seems like Angelic Pretty really wants to change. Perhaps not completely, since OTT is their niche in the Lolita world, but with dresses like this, it's easy to see that they're trying to do something different.
Will they tone it down more often? Or are these just a few pieces for the darker season of the year? Only time will tell...

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