Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lolita Hobbies, Interests and Other Stories...2

Want more Loli-hobbies? You've got more Loli-hobbies! Here's part 2 of the Hobbies, Interests and Other Stories series...


"Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside of us."
This an uncredited quote, but one that I think should be given plenty thought. Music, as part of the arts spectrum, is food for the soul. Music can evoke deep and powerful emotions, or even just make us crack a smile. We all have music in our souls, and it's up to us to let it out.

As a pastime, music can be an amazing thing, whether you sing or play an instrument. If you're thinking of learning an instrument, then don't hesitate! If funds restrict you, try to get an instrument second hand, or if the issue is lesson prices, have a go at teaching yourself! It might sound impossible, but it can be done! Countless guitarists are self-taught, and I even know a few violinists who have taught themselves.
If you currently play an instrument, but feel you're drifting away from playing it, don't! Embrace the ability you have, whether you play the cello or an electric guitar! Expand your repertoire with challenging new pieces, perform for people, and don't allow your interest to wane.


Not only is baking fun and easy, it's delicious too (especially with that tea...)! If you're hosting a meetup, baked goodies can be just the thing to put a smile on the attendees' faces, whether it be biscuits or cakes!
If you've never baked anything before, have a go at something cheap and simple like queen cakes. Odlums have a great recipe here.
If you already bake a lot, then good for you! How about baking a Loli-inspired cake? Who knows, maybe you'll be the one to out-do this amazing Moitie cake?

Lolita Postcards/Art

Many Lolitas make a hobby of collecting postcards, most commonly Imai Kira postcards like the one to the right. Brands often release promotional postcards too, and Imai Kira designs postcards for Angelic Pretty from time to time. So, what's the point of collecting them? Well, to be frank, there isn't a point, if you have them hidden away in a photo album or some form of storage. I'm tempted to start collecting them myself, and if I was to do so, I'd probably use them for decorative purposes.
If you feel your bedroom is lacking something, a few pictures of this sort in simple, or maybe more elaborate frames could be a really simple, yet beautiful touch.

Postcards aren't too difficult to come by. You'll see them pop up on the LJ sales comm now and then, and some places online sell them at anything from €5 upwards each. LolitaDesu sell Imai Kira postcards for about $8 each here

Stay tuned for part 3.... eventually.....

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