Thursday, December 16, 2010

Innocent World x Gosick Collaboration!

A new dress has been announced by Innocent World, which will be a collaboration with Gosick, an anime which will be aired from January 2011 onwards. This is the only design of the dress which has been released so far:
It really seems like a stunning piece, even just on paper! The dress is based on the clothing of one of the main characters of Gosick, Victoria:

Personally, I've never read the manga of this. The first light novel has been released in English by Tokyopop, and the next book is to be released soon, though I'm not sure when. It seems fairly interesting.
The dress looks truly beautiful, and if Victoria is anything to go by, it will live up to expectations! I've seen the character wearing the dress in other colourways in pictures, and on the covers of the light novels, so with any luck this will be released in more colours than just black! I can't wait for pictures of the actual dress, and I'll be sure to update with them as soon as I find them!

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