Monday, September 20, 2010

Good Idea Bad Idea: LLL Edition

I'm sure everyone (or almost everyone!) remembers the satirical 'Good Idea, Bad Idea' clips from the show Animaniacs. If not, see a compilation of them here

I've decided to have a regular LoveLiveLolita edition of Good Idea Bad Idea, sometimes it will be serious, sometimes it will be entertaining, and at times it might even be downright silly.

So here we go, Good Idea Bad Idea 1, showing something I ALWAYS try to stress.

Good Idea
Taking Inspiration From Mana-sama

This coordinate, while simple, is very elegant, and has some Mana-esque elements in it.

This is a style that Mana sported a lot back in the day, and is often done horribly. However, this individual has avoided the mistakes by keeping a natural hair colour, thus muting it slightly, making it more suitable and very elegant.

Many people immediately disassociate corsets and Lolita, possibly because of the iffy reputation of corsets as BDSM items, and because it creates a look that is 'too mature' for Lolita. However, when done right, corsets and Lolita can be a match made in heaven. This is a perfect example of how it can be done. Corsets are not advisable for sweeter styles (at least not over your clothes!), but for Gothic Lolita, they can give an interesting touch and a beautiful Loli-esque silhouette. The key here is to go for simple corsets, anything more than a plain one with a little decoration can make your outfit border on all-out EGL. Underbust would be the most advisable, but if you're trying to acheive an ero look, an overbust can work too. Just make sure you're not showing too much!

If you like crosses, you can work them into a GL outfit easily enough. Whether you want to wear rosary beads, earrings, or something like the skirt above (I'm not actually sure whether the chain is coming from the skirt or the corset, either way it still looks nice)

Bad Idea
Taking A Wardrobe From Mana-sama

While this picture is most likely cosplay, many people have been, and possibly still are, Mana-sama extremists.
Just as a simple example, let's break down this outfit and say why it's not a good idea.

The hair in the picture shown looks very like a wig, but many people have, in adoration of Mana and Moi-Meme-Moitié, and to match their outfits, dyed their hair blue. But hang on a sec, what if you have a change of mind and have a Sweet revelation? Have fun with wigs. Blue hair is NOT for everyone, in fact, I strongly discourage the dying of hair in general for Lolita. If you must have a different hair colour, it's better to get a wig. Even then, it can be hard to pull off the whole blue hair, or any other bizarre colour thing with Lolita, so it's often best to give it a miss.

Would You Like Some Dress With Your Lace?
Oh the lace monster. Back in the early days, something like this would have been vaguely normal and classed as ok. But looking back, it was not a good idea. Apart from looking like a distressed nun, there is lace everywhere. Remember kiddies, just because it's in the GLBible doesn't mean it's a good idea, espeically if you're reading back issues. Nowadays, something like this is simply cosplayish. Even if it soft lace and good quality fabric, it doesn't look good.

Here are some other ideas that aren't specific to either example, but should be covered anyway:
  • I Love That Moitié Blue: I don't know about you, but I adore the shade of blue used in Moitié. Blue can be incorporated into a Gothic outfit very easily, without being extreme. Something as simple as painting your nails, wearing a blue flower in your hair, a ring with a blue stone, perhaps a blue-bead rosary if you wear them. Please, please avoid the aforementioned blue hair, and the blue lips, which brings us to the next point.
  • Talcum-Power Face. Just because Mana wears extreme make-up doesn't mean you can too. A general Lolita guideline is to minimize make-up, that means no Halloween makeup. Blue lips are a no-no, as is blue eyeliner. A little dark eyeshadow can be applied, but it should be kept to a very small amount. If it looks like you're wearing a lot of make-up, you're probably doing it wrong.
  • Platform Shoes. What a subject. Many people associate platforms with itas, but others argue that they're ok because brands sell them. It's a difficult subject, but if you're confused here's a little heads up. Platform boots can be difficult to pull off, but platform shoes can go well with Lolita. Also, use your own sense. If they look too big, then leave them, because you don't want to look clueless OR smushed into the floor if you fall. That's never a good look.

Welcome to Love Live Lolita!

Welcome one and all to Love Live Lolita! I have a few specific aims for this blog, but the rest is just going to be fun and rants :D

Educating The Masses!
I'm not sure how often I'll be posting just yet, but when I do, I want to start off with some advice for beginner Lolitas, or perhaps just for curious people! I know, every Lolita blog/vlog starts off with them, but it's a nice 'base' for other posts, as I can expand on certain specific areas if people are interested :)

Where To Buy Accessories etc.
This is something I've wanted to share with people for a while, strange as it may sound. I am an Irish Lolita, and it's often hard to find nice accessories here which go with Lolita, so naturally I get excited when I find loliable, or more recently, EXTREMELY Lolita items in shops such as Penney's (aka Primark), New Look, Heatons, and perhaps other shops.

Apart from that, I'll probably be covering some general stuff, posting reviews, that sort of thing. Of course, it won't be any fun for anyone if you don't stick around. Be warned, I rant :)

So, let's see how it goes, eh?